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It is homey, not too fancy, with not many frills

Our Montana log home, up on the hill

But we spent hours in planning and we built it with love

With the pine trees around it and the big sky above.


small logome


We tilled a garden and built a swing

And had a view that was fit for a king

With a porch in the front, closed in by a rail

We now have for certain, the world by it's tail!


child on a swing


We watched the brown squirrels, the bunnies at play

the pesky woodpeckers, the cardinal and the jay

Wild turkeys that gobbled and wandered along

And especially the deer, the doe and her fawn.


8 point buck


We walked through the woods, watched for poison ivy

Listened to the leaves in the trees, what a relaxing sound

We shared the chores and chopped up the wood

And did all the fixing, as proud owners should.


man chopping down tree


Our Montana Log Home, up on the hill

Never fails to give us a thrill.

Our home that we love so much

Though in Wisconsin, is the perfect touch!



balloon hearts






The sweetest joy is love!


Live Laugh Love


Quotes I like!

Cherish your dreams!